Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Tropes I’ve Had Enough Of

Hello, guys! I’m keeping with Top 5 Tuesday, which is hosted by Shanah on Bionic Bookworm. The topics for the month of October are up and can be seen here.

   There’s only a few things I like more than talking about thing I love, and talking about things I dispise is efinitely one of them. I’m a sarcastic, twisted soul,what can I say? Here are some tropes that I’m really tired of seeing. It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy some books that had them, but it does mean that, if I know this trope is present in a book, the probability of me picking it up plummets.

  1. Manic Pixie Dream Girl

   You know rhose very “different”, very “one-of-a-kind girls” that leave our protagonist completely smitten by just appearing and being bubbly and intense and exciting? I’m talking like Summer in (500) days of Summer,  or Alaska in Looking for Alaska. That character is only there so the protagonist realizes how is life is so tame and pales in comparison to when he’s in the company of the awesome MPDG.

     So, other than the already given example in Alaska,I’ve encoutered this in other books, such as Paper Towns, Stargirl (whic is a book I really enjoyed, btw), Ready Player One, The Name of the Wind, Me Earl and the Dying Girl, and even a bit in the Illuminae Files first two books.

   Also,if you want to know how to become a MPDG yourself, just read this. It’s hilarious.

   2. Insta-love

   I can understand lust at first sight, attraction, chemistry. But not love, I’m sorry, I’m way to cynical (and experienced) to believe in that. Love is something you build, over time, investing a lot of you into somebody else; you cannot meet someboy in one morning and be completely head over heels in love by sunset, I will just take it as lazy writing.

   Slow burn love stories are a delight to read, an much closer to the original thing, if you ask me, and so I would much prefer them.

I found this trope in a lot of Colleen Hoover books, such as November 9 and Confess, Twilight, Shatter Me (with Adam; and I like this series!), and The Daughter of Smoke and Bone (also liked it, but couldn’t understand how they fell for each other).

   3. The Special Snowflake/Innocent Girl

   Why is it that almost all NA protagonists have to be: a) a virgin, b) super innocent, c)”different from all the other girls” ?! First of all, the last one really grins my gears. I would like to be exactly the same as “all the other girls”, I love all the other girls, I think they’re awesome, I don’t know why “being different”, a special snowflake, is such a good thing. Also, in my point of view, refusing to use experienced girls, happy with their sexuality is another way of slut-shaming, of saying that somebody who’s had other partners previously is “less”. The male lead, on the other hand,is usually somebody with a lot of experience, that knows exactly what to do to pleasure the girl, and is never nervous or insecure. Bah.

   If you have good NA reccomendations where this trope doesn’t happen, please go ahead and tell me.

  4. The No Parents Trope

   This one occurs specially in YA. Either because they’re just not really interested in their kids’ lifes or because the plot makes it like so, the protagonists parents are JUST NOT THERE or are the biggest assholes ever. So we have totally independent 16 year olds, that can just do whatever they want, and never look for support in any adult.

   I love family sagas, I love exploration of familial ties, and this trope seriously annoys me. I thik you can write a good adventure/contemporary/whatever making the parents an integral part of it; and they don’t need to be extremely bad parents either, just give normal parent-to-child relationships please!

5. “I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding”

   Ok, this might not be a trope per se, but it appears in SO MANY books it’ ridiculous. It instataneously pulls me out of the story, it’s a cliché I can’t bear any more,so please please book writers, just don’t ever write this sentence. It is not needed.


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